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Businesses and home users are quickly adopting wireless networking—and for good reason. It’s cheap, convenient and provides great mobility. In fact, the majority of most PC users has, or will need to have, a wireless network installed in their homes and businesses. The freedom from tangled cables is intoxicating but comes with a price. A wireless network can broadcast far outside your building. With a powerful antenna and some widely available hacking software, anyone sitting near your installation—or even driving by—can passively (without alerting you) scan all the data flowing in your network.

All of these networks are at risk if the wireless infrastructure is not secured. As wireless technology is exploding in popularity, these are completely new challenges to IT security. The ability to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data is essential for all enterprises, but is particularly important for businesses that offer credit card transactions to take place every day over their wireless network. Also, a Denial of Service attack on a business network could effectively close a business down.

Whether you are roaming your property to take inventory or allowing visiting vendors and users internet access, SLS Networks can keep you safe. There are a number of methods from Radius servers to security certificates to MAC address restrictions that we can implement to alleviate any vulnerability that might exist.

SLS Networks takes this responsibility for managing a wireless infrastructure and ensuring its security very seriously and we deploy the best business practices available. We see our role as enabling access anywhere at any time to all staff with wireless devises by implementing the most secure wireless infrastructure that meets your budget. Give us a call and see how we can deploy or secure your existing wireless network.

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